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We Love Our Patients

At Happy Paws Veterinary Services, our patients mean the world to us. They make what we do every day worth it! Check out some of the adorable faces of our wonderful patients. If you would like to submit a photo to be featured on our page, please fill out the form below!

Bonnie – 4 years young

Bonnie just hanging out after her treatment while pre-vet student, Kirk, holds a feeling too good Howard!

Treating: Neck pain, left knee pain, generalized fatigue, weakness, and pain throughout her body. She was found last summer by her mom on the side of the highway with her tiny pup, Abbie. She was diagnosed with Ehrlichia, a tick-borne infection, and treated with antibiotics. We suspect there is residual body pain after the infection. She also has an injury in her left knee. Her diagnostics will continue as we work to figure out the cause of Bonnie’s continued pain.

Bonnie’s case is an excellent example of why we need to have comprehensive diagnostics and care with a primary veterinarian before and in addition to any acupuncture treatment.

She was feeling better even before I removed her needles!

Loving Foster Mom Cassandra
(and then adopted by Dr. Scott!)

a dog getting acupuncture
a dog sitting on the rug, while a man next to it holding a dog

Howard – 4 years young

Treating: Neurological tremors and muscle twitching caused by the Distemper virus when he was young. Howard is the sweetest boy, and his mom is so happy when she sees him feeling so much better after his acupuncture.

Of course, many dogs will paddle and twitch occasionally in their sleep, but Howard does it all the time. After acupuncture, his twitches and tremors are greatly reduced.

Stubby – 19 years young

Treating: Arthritis, which causes pain in all cats over 15 years of age. Arthritic kitties respond amazingly well! Their people often report them jumping up onto or crawling under places they haven’t in years! Often, kitties respond very noticeably to the first treatment and do well with monthly maintenance.

​Loving Mom Showna & Dad Archie

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